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Annual Report for Biotechnology Research Foundation

The Challenge:

The SENS Research Foundation wanted to elevate the design of their Annual Report publication. Tasked with a mission to transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease, the scope of their endeavor is one of the great global challenges. The Foundation’s CEO likened the success of their cause to being as ambitious as developing the ability to change the weather.

Our Solution:​

We worked collaboratively with Foundation and their staff to develop a more aesthetic overall execution and to refine a cover concept that reflected the boldness of their mission. Critical to the execution was implementing the new branding standards that we had also participated in developing, and ensuring a clean and distinct aesthetic.

The final report is 20 pages, letter-sized booklet, saddle-stitched, with a satin finish.

We created a clear and clean style integrating the SRF branding guidelines, fonts, pallet and visual style, as well as aesthetically highlighting content that was critical for their stakeholders to understand.

The back cover capitalized on the “What does aging mean to me?” celebrity campaign to highlight the visionaries who support the SENS mission. We also created the master styling and both print and web versions for each of the individual celebrity pieces, as well as the designs for the campaign on their website.

We created a design for the Outreach section of the Annual Report that paid off the Celebrity Campaign with a call to action that directed the report’s readers to the page we designed on the website where the campaign was employed to inspire newsletter sign-ups, and donations. The section further highlighted updates to the SENS website that we created styling for, and the global travels of the organization’s Chief Science Officer, Aubrey de Grey.

We created this conceptual image for the cover that conveyed the boldness of the research foundation’s mission – to end aging. The Foundation’s CEO likened it to being able to conquer changing the weather and wanted an image that metaphorically depicted the transition from tempestuous conditions to idyllic ones. We started with a majestic mountain vista, and transformed it into a visually compelling version of the concept.

The completed Annual Report marked an elevation of the aesthetic design for the foundation’s ongoing publications.

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